Flooring Options

BedroomChoosing the right flooring for a particular room in your home may seem like a daunting decision. It’s a process that combines your personal taste with careful thinking about practicality.  Believe it or not, throwing huge sums of money at this issue is not necessarily the secret to good design or utility. Obviously, there are many flooring options available today — each with the ability to be tailored to your individual design tastes or preferences. As you make your way through the myriad of design choices available for your home, think of the floor as the “fifth wall” and give this surface serious consideration when making choices concerning your home’s ultimate decor. In addition, you should consider how the floor will be used and how the surface will perform over time in your home. Keep in mind that there are as many prices as there are style choices.

As stated previously, choosing the right flooring for your home is a process that combines your personal taste with careful thinking about practicality. After all, it’s a surface you, your family and friends will walk, stand and sit on, your kids will spill, play and grow up on. But asking yourself a few key questions at the beginning of the process should help reduce your worry, ease your choice and increase your long-term satisfaction with your new floor. What’s the size of the family that will regularly use the room, do you Whitewashentertain, and how much traffic will the floor receive? Children definitely make a difference. Any pets? Will the floor be exposed to moisture regularly? How often is the floor likely to need cleaning? How long do you hope and expect your new floor to last?

Flooring your home’s living space really comes down to a matter of personal choice. Some people like carpet in their living areas, some wood, others tile — perhaps all three. In terms of sheer warmth and intimacy, carpet is probably tops. It’s especially great for bedrooms and anywhere you may like to spend a lot of time barefoot. Carpet also provides a certain amount of sound-proofing, as well as some insulation. So it’s a good choice for rooms that have no heat below them, such as over a garage. Carpet is available in a wide array of styles, piles and costs. Whether your preference is for classic nylon or the newer environmentally friendly PET’s, just do your homework beforehand. And remember, that the quality and thickness of the pad you use underneath is nearly equal in importance to the carpet itself in determining what its life span will be in your home.

Flooring with multiple productsWood and luxury vinyl flooring products are gaining in popularity and may be used in almost any room of the home.  Wood is available in a variety of species, plank widths and lengths, and is considered the softest of the “hard surface” flooring category.  Vinyl is virtually unsurpassed in durability and with advances in imaging technology, can provide stunningly real flooring visuals.  In both the wood and vinyl categories, there are products to fit not only your design tastes, but also your budget.

And finally, there is tile. Tile offers a nearly unlimited variety of patterns and styles, from the simple to the exotic, which make it possible for tile to give a room a very creative or elegant feel. On the other hand, tiles can feel cold and hard underfoot, so it may not be the best choice if you’re looking for something a bit more cozy or inviting.  Keep in mind that tile can not only be installed on your floor but also your walls to create even more dramatic visual effects.

Choosing a floor is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be overly stressful. Plan ahead, asking yourself all the important questions ahead of time, including who will use the room, what atmosphere you hope to create, how much effort you want to expend maintaining it, and of course, what you’re willing to spend. Your floor covering can be the star of the show or an understated background. Use the information in this site to help guide you through the selection process as well as help give you the information necessary to make an educated decision that fits your budget, and of equal importance, your lifestyle.