Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered Wood from ShawEngineered wood floors, also known as prefinished floors, are timeless and enhance the warmth of any home and its natural colors blend with the decor of any room. Like a fine piece of furniture, wood flooring increases in value and becomes more beautiful with time. With today’s technology and almost limitless choices of stains, finishes, styles and designs, wood flooring is one of the most practical, easy-care and versatile floor coverings available today. Properly maintained, wood flooring should never require replacement.


      1. Engineered Wood floors compliment any room decor yet gives a “neutral” surface with which to add individual decorating touches.
      2. Easily redecorate your living spaces by changing area rugs and other colorful accents.
      3. Engineered Wood floors yield a warm, rich, and spacious appearance.
      4. Appropriate for almost any room although not recommended for wet areas such as bathrooms — urethane finishes make the product extremely durable and very versatile relative to application.
      5. Design versatility can be easily achieved by adding an assortment of wood types, colors, and sizes.


      1. Engineered wood floors will make your home more appealing and “upscale” not only for you at move in, but also at resale — wood floors add value.
      2. Greater design, color, and installation choices.
      3. Select harder wood species for even greater durability.
      4. Add a high-end, designer look, by combining various species, patterns, and strip choices.

CONSIDERATIONS / What you should know about Wood Floors
1. Engineered Wood floors are a product of nature with many varieties and differing natural characteristics. In fact, one of the properties that make wood floors so appealing to many people is the natural variation of the product from species to species, and even from plank to plank — no two are alike.
2. Variations in color and grain are normal to this product and should not be considered a defect.
3. You should expect hairline cracks in and between boards — this is normal and minor defects of the product are easily repaired with a simple furniture pencil or cabinet repair kit.
4. Occasionally, you will see a small space between boards which is by design and is necessary to allow for normal expansion and contraction of wood due to moisture and temperature variations.
5. All woods, including engineered wood floors, are affected by light.  Some exotic species will tend to darken over time while others will lighten which will occur with both natural and artificial light sources. This is a natural characteristic of wood and does not constitute any type of product defect.


1. Sweep or vacuum regularly.
2. DO NOT use a vacuum with a beater bar — serious damage may occur.
3. Be sure to clean shoes and entry mats well and regularly.
4. Use a dolly when moving heavy furniture or appliances — put down 1/4″ plywood or masonite first to protect your floor.
5. Large animals will scratch floor finishes — Always keep your pet’s nails trimmed.
6. DO NOT wet mop. Wet mopping will increase the risk of floor buckle and failure.
7. Many cleaners and waxes can damage your floor. Always consult your manufacturer for procedures and hardwood cleaning instructions.

Prefinished Wood, or engineered wood floors, continue to be one of the fastest growing segments of the floor covering industry. The product is durable, elegant, and provides a “look” not offered by other man made flooring options.

Wood floors are the softest of the “hard surface” category products and, properly maintained, will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and design flexibility.  Houston Carpet service is here to help guide you through the process and explain your flooring options. Certainly, if we can be of further assistance, please visit the “Contact Us” page of this site.