Tile wood livingAlthough tile is not currently offered through Houston Carpet Service, we have aligned ourselves with several of Houston’s premier tile contractors. We recognize that tile is an important and growing category within our industry and as flooring specialists, we feel that it is our responsibility to ensure that our customers receive the best and most current information available on the product.

The Tile “family” of products no longer includes only ceramics and porcelain, but also a variety of designer glasses, metals, and of course stone. Each of these products are available in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures that yield a virtually limitless number of design alternatives.multi floor Once considered to be strictly a luxury product, tile has evolved and is now available at prices to fit almost any budget. In fact, since your tile surfaces (floor & wall) will last a lifetime, they have become one of the lowest cost flooring options over the life of product. Unless you tire of the particular look, tile will never wear out and will never require replacement. As one of the oldest floor coverings in the world, ceramic tile will continue to make the same luxurious impressions tomorrow as it does today.


1. Design Flexibility allowing a multitude of design possibilities with virtually unlimited designs, patterns, and colors. Tile helps bridge the various looks of your house and will help connect the themes on display.
2. Upscale appearance that can be designed to reflect an owner’s personality and tastes.
3. Install on virtually any surface provided that the surface is level.
4. Reduce fading concerns in high light areas — direct exposure of ceramic tile to sunlight neither alters their color, nor causes them to fade.

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